10 Tips On How To Create Great Blog Content

Now I have been writing a blog for nearly a year I think I may have some pearly words of wisdom that I have learned to share with you all that hopefully can help you along the way in the blogging world.

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#1 Do your research

There are plenty of places you can turn for blogging tips weather it be fellow bloggers, websites, forums or facebook groups. I recommend that you read,read,read and read some more into what you need to do to have a successful blog.

#2 Blog about something you love

For me a parenting blog was the way to go, because I am a parent and once you are a parent it is something that consumes your entire being and you love talking about your adventures into motherhood. I have also met some great people along the way in many parenting blog groups. Everyone is super friendly and always happy to help.

You may find that Lifestyle blog or wedding blog may be more for you depending on where your life is at.

#3 Get the right equiptment

This is something I am still working on. I have the laptop and the resources I just need to invest in a camera and learn to take better pictures as that is my downfall. Year 2 of my blog I intend my photography to improve ten fold. Who knows I am even enrol in a course.

#4 Join Groups

As I have mentioned a few times in the is post about facebook groups feel they need a mention as they really have been my life line through my short blogging life. Someone is always at the end of the phone for a message on a group and no idea is a silly idea. Facebooks groups have been priceless for me.

#5 Do it because you want to

If you think your going to make money as soon as you start a blog your going to be disappointing. You need to work at it and build up your content and readers before you can get any money coming it. So do it out of love not because you want a quick buck because that won’t happen.

#6 Offer Giveaways

Readers love giveaways that will attract new people to your site who may not have previously found you if it was not for the giveaway and it also encourages a lot of social shares on all your platform so will gain you more followers across the board on facebook,instagram,twitter and more.

#7 Get a good Site

I am not the most internet savvy persons so making a site myself for me just was not an option, so I seeked professional help for a website builder. What I really like about that is they are on hand to help me with all issue because if it involves the back end of my website and google does not have the answer then I am stuffed. So unless your a computer whizz kid I would maybe suggest seeking help from a pro.

#8 Post Regularly

This is something I can be guilty of not doing. In order to get a good site DA you need to post regular to get your score up so I recommend getting into a good posting pattern. I am trying to do monday to friday but right now I am still working on that.

#9 Follow other Blogs

In order to gain readership, you should read and comment on other blogs that gets your name out there too as when you comment you can drop your blog link on the bottom which will encourage them and other readers to check you out. One I like to read is Content Mother.

#10 Have Fun

Last but not least have fun. There is no point doing something unless your having fun. I find when I am having fun blogging it just flows. I find myself just going about day to day life and taking pictures and then thinking yeah I can turn that into a blog post with out there being really any planning because it was something I was just doing any way.

If you blog and had one tip to give what would it be? If you don’t blog would it be something you would consider doing in the future?

I hope you find this post super useful and it helps you on your blogging journey to success by all means I am not totally successful but I feel I am on my way there.



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