She’s Only Gone and Become A Brand Rep at 3 Months Old

I never had imagined I would ever have a little girl, both mine and my hubbys families are all baby boy making machines.

After having a little boy 5 years ago I was sure it would be another boy, not that it mattered but I really wanted to experience both sides of motherhood. Football games and dance lessons, barbers and girlie hair bows, ruff and ready and prim and proper.

Don’t get me wrong these things could be polar opposites of what my kids do but will see eh.

Anyway i digress, when Poppy was born I knew she was cute, not just to mummy cute but really cute. So I set about looking for brands on Instagram to get her into being a brand rep. And can you believe it at just 3 months old she was selected to rep for Finley and Pearly handmade and I could not be happier.

They make amazing dummy clips, teethers, sensory toys and key ring just to name a few.

I can not recommend them enough, I never had a dummy clip with Parker and now I think why the hell did I not! Endless loss dummies and broken nights sleep raiding around under the cot to find one! Touch wood I have had none of that this time.

I’ve had a few judgement friends who have said about dangers etc but I have tested this dummy clip to the max and trust it whole heartedly. I have the mini dummy clip which is perfect for Pop’s age and there is no extra length for tangling etc.

Sleeping soundly

If you have a small child and wants some super fashionable made to order items which are great quality and prices head over and check them out on insta use my code F&PPOPPY010 for a discount.

Let me know which product you love over there to give me inspiration

If you love reading family blogs like me check out Jennifer at Ricecakes and Raisins she has some really fab posts and runs a baby sensory group!


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