Giving Birth In A Global Pandemic | Coronavirus |Covid-19 2020

As you may recall from my previous blog posts I was due to have a baby in April 2020. Three weeks before my due date Boris Johnson declared a Lockdown on the UK and I felt my whole world come crashing down.

What a time to be having a baby when the whole world is in turmoil. People are dying. There is no indication of when it will end and people are no longer allowed near people.

Safe to say I was scared, super scared

We are no longer allowed to see people who don’t live in our household. I see my parents every day pretty much- this is going to be hard! We are allowed out once a day for exercise for up to one out, for medical appointments and emergencies and as needed for food shops but as infrequently as possible. Life is no longer what we knew it to be.

The toughest decision yet

The health officials announced who are the more high risk categories and the over 70’s with underlying health conditions was in it. My dad is 75 with a whole host of medical issues. So what was I going to do now? My son was suppose to stay with them when I’m in labour, but now will I be exposing them to risk in doing so?!

The decision was out of my hands

It turns out all the worrying about that was taken out of my hands when one week before my due date I got preclampsia and was told I needed to visit the hospital for testing. I shed a lot of tears as my partner was away from home as a HGV driver and I had no choice but to leave my son with my elderly parents to attend the hospital.

The tears I cried didn’t help my medical issue. Would I see him again later that day? Would I be exposing my parents or even my son? Little did I know it would be 4 days before I saw my son again as I stayed in hospital. We made the decision that my partner wouldn’t pick him up until I was home with baby as didn’t want him in and out of my parents house. If he was there he was staying in doors hopefully out of harms way.

The hospital experience

I worked myself up into such a frenzy about how the hospital would be while this pandemic was going on, often having sleepless nights about it. Would my partner be allowed in? Would the PPE scare me? Would my experience be less personal than when I had P?

Well my worries were soon put to bed, yes they had PPE on and couldn’t see there mouth but it must of been more uncomfortable for them then it was me! Never the less my experience was still super personal, my midwife was amazing and I totally forgot about the world outside of my little room.

For anyone due to give birth during these unusual times just please remember this. What ever choice you make for your family is okay! The hospital experience is fine and the midwifes are lovely and the maternity wards are low risk areas of the hospital away from the Covid wards. I wish someone had passed on this information before my labour so I would feel more at ease so please take something from this and do not worry.

My daughter was born happy and healthy and we are now 11 days out of hospital and doing great and so far so signs of any virus symptoms have made there way home with us. I believe that’s due to the amazing midwifes and the processes in place and also excellent hygiene on our side.

If you are due a baby during this time and need someone to talk to please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help.

Health Before Wealth

Now I’m back feeling human after 9 months of sickness and complications I feel now is the best time to get your health on track. We have time on our hands to take walks, cook healthy meals and relax. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Ive made the choice to look into nutritional testing I want to see what nutrients are actually in the foods I’m consuming and what foods can offer me better nutritional value. Now with these test that is on offer without seeking assistance it’s now easier than ever to access this data. I recommend that everyone should know what they put into their bodies to be able to understand what effect that has on us. I now realise if I eat rubbish I feel rubbish so want to fuel myself with good quality foods to get the best out of my body.

Like any illness it prays on the weak so I want to be in optimum health to survive this pandemic.

Stay home, stay safe , stay healthy

TTFN T xxx