Window of Opportunity II

Since I last told you guys about our loft conversion things have really moved on. Structurally things are moving on and its now time for me to have a bit of an input with the choice of new windows.

I wasn’t aware of the choices of windows on the market, I thought a window was a window, nope how wrong was I. Have you ever thought about replacement aluminium windows?

Why choose aluminium windows for your home?

A strong yet light metal, aluminium doesn’t expand in the heat or retract in the cold meaning you will have long lasting window frames with no drafts or jams. Aluminium window frames offer strength, durability and improved thermal efficiency, meaning that not only will your new windows look flawless for many years, they will also help to reduce your energy bills by allowing your home to retain warmth.

As well as being strong and durable, aluminium frames are also very easy to maintain. If you have been searching for new windows that are energy efficient, durable and low maintenance then aluminium windows will suit you perfectly. Unlike wood, the frames don’t need to be treated and maintained over the years and simple cleaning is all that they require.

What is the difference between aluminium frames and uPVC?

Aluminium is a strong and durable material – meaning you are able to have much slimmer window frames by choosing aluminium rather than uPVC windows. Yet you won’t be compromising on the security, durability and strength of your window frames. You can still choose double or triple glazing for your windows and they will have all the high security you get with uPVC windows but with a more contemporary finish.

You will also have a huge range of choice when it comes to choosing the perfect shade for your aluminium windows. Our aluminium windows come in popular powder white but we can also match almost any colour that you specify. If you prefer a more traditional look for your home then we also offer aluminium window frames finished with a realistic wood effect – including oak and mahogany options.

If you are considering aluminium windows then our customer service team will be happy to answer any questions you may have, you can contact us by email, telephone or come and visit our friendly Camberley showroom.

I have never considered aluminium windows until now, the fact that they are easy to maintain and retain the warm in your home are key factors for me. If you can save a few pound on your heating by choosing a good quality window I am all for it. Who knows the amount you save on central heating over the years could help the windows pay for themselves.

If you have an large area with windows and doors have you ever thought about replacing them with super modern Bi-Fold doors? I would if I had the space to open out as they look fab- maybe for my future dream home eh



*** This is a collaboration post ***