Current Bath Time Buddies: Infacare Ultra Baby Bath Day and Night

My Product of the Week With TalktoMums

Parker has loved bath time every since he was a new born. We have always been super lucky at being able to use any baby bath product and had no skin issue.

Until Now

At nearly 2 and a half Parker has developed dry patches and skin irritations especially on his face.

Small red patches have started to appear like small specks of eczema appearing.

Make a change

We decided we needed to make a change to something that would be pure enough that no irritations would bother P but needed to have a good bubble to water ratio lol. After all half the fun of the bath is bubble beards right?

We made the change to Infacare baby bath and can say that the change in Parkers dry patches are fab. They are not completely clear but we have only used the bubble bath twice so far but i’m confident after a few more uses he will be good as new.

Try For Yourself

If you would like to win some Infacare products for your little ones I am giving two of you the change to win

1 x Infacare ultra mild baby bath 750ml

1 x Infacare Night time baby bath 750ml

Ideal for babies’ sensitive skin

InfaCare is ultra-mild and pH balanced with masses of long-lasting bubbles, which makes it very popular at baby bath time. And as a little goes a long long way, mummies love it too!

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